Official Website of Louis Velazquez
Official Website of Louis Velazquez
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Host of the "Money Never Sleeps" Talk Show    and the upcoming Web Series "Fit4Life : The Series"


Working with clients globally in the private precious metals and stones arena is one facet of the business foundation of Louis Velazquez. He is an accomplished Commercial Real Estate Advisor working with on market acquisition, disposition and leasing commercial real estate clients in New York and working diligently with off market commercial real estate acquisition and disposition clients on a global scale. He works directly with business owners, investors, chain stores, multinationals and developers, his goal is to assist his clients in achieving their realistic commercial real estate goals.


Relationships have to be cultivated and eyes have to meet in order for a solid foundation to be built in order to do business in West Africa. Once established international manufacturers and other businesses begin to see how great it is to do business in West Africa. This is where Louis Velazquez comes in, he is your gateway to West Africa because through his deep understanding of the culture of doing business in West Africa, trial and error, his team of experienced professionals on the ground in various countries, his strong relationships that have been built over the years and above all his physical presence in the region on behalf of his clients has made him a person that genuine suppliers and businessmen in West Africa want to work with.


Louis Velazquez has a niche in representing genuine owners of unique precious stones, gem collections and diamonds that they are seeking to market and liquidate privately. Selling a precious stone or diamond can be done with any jeweler in New York City's Diamond District but the private sale of a stone that has a verifiable lineage and is of high quality is not that simple. He brings forth his knowledge of marketing, precious stones and diamonds and public relations to the table in order to give the stone the proper representation to a potential buyer and present the true value of the stone even if it is being sold at a discount. 


During his time he has been a professional wrestler and athlete as well as an independent journalist, he is currently a radio show host in his spare time and host various independent television projects. He is an Accredited Jewelry Professional with the Gemological Institute of America, commercial real estate advisor for global clientele and a registered News Journalist with the UPA. He works with various charitable organizations lending his assistance and name in order to further their progress in making strides to achieving their goals. Current entertainment projects include comic book series, film, television and Health / Fitness / Wellness web series. 

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