Unsolicited Offers

Louis Velazuez

Unsolicited Offers

When a company is in growth mode and has a solid performing business then unsolicited offers are inevitable especially if its in the right industry. They may come from a private equity firm or a company that sees such a company as a compliment to their own growth, either way the interest is there.

When work closely with our clients that may be looking for an exit strategy or entertaining such unsolicited offers. The one key thing for any company that does receive an unsolicited offer and that is DO NOT share proprietary documents, information or financials to anyone but your hired consultant, in this case FGA.

Our job is to first gauge the legitimacy of all offers, engage with all negotiations and if deemed necessary approach other possible suitors that may have an interest in acquiring the company. This ensures that we are able to assist our clients in getting the highest and fairest value for their company.

We are a relationship based group, our goal is to build a strong foundation with all of our clients for the long term, contact us to discuss how our team can be an asset to your company and its future growth.

We look forward to hearing from you, feel free to contact us via email at info@falconglobalacquisitions.com