Private Equity



Whether you’re a publicly held company or a privately held company Louis Velazquez, Managing Partner of Falcon Global Acquisitions “FGA”, is always open to speaking with decision makers and exploring the potential possibilities.

He has the ability to work in the capacity of a consultant assisting companies restructure and set the stage for both organic growth and growth via acquisition. Putting together a strategic plan of action to maximize growth and also setting in place exit strategy options that may be implemented down the line.

In the case of direct acquisitions, as a managing partner of Falcon Global Acquisitions, he has the ability to target, negotiate and execute with distressed companies that may be looking for a viable alternative to potentially going into receivership or other.

For those smaller companies that are publicly traded, Wall Street can be a treacherous place to be without direction, Louis has the ability to work with such companies and be an asset to them in a number of ways. From targeting acquisitions, introduction of capital raising options to legal and accounting introductions.

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